Honey Debelle

A qualified law graduate from Sydney University, and an actor, Honey has a proven talent for analysis and communication.
After graduating (Dux Privata) from Annesley College in South Australia, Honey’s love of language led her to be selected to study acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, where she completed a Bachelor of Dramatic Art in 2012. Honey has since performed onstage and in television and taught acting classes.

In 2013, Honey commenced her Juris Doctor (graduate law degree) at Sydney University Law School. In her final year of study, Honey completed a digital marketing internship and became content director for an online education startup committed to mentoring teenage girls, The Enid Network, where she spoke at schools, contributed to video blogs and managed a team of contributing writers.

After completing her JD in 2017, Honey commenced work as a consultant with Symbol Strategic Communications.
Honey brings a strong personal and communication background, and an understanding of Corporations Law, to Symbol where her skills and experience are being directed into developing powerful and effective messaging for our valued clients. She looks forward to leveraging her theatre training and experience as an acting teacher to develop the presentation skills of our clients, enhancing their engagement with media and other key stakeholders.